Badgers In Libraries 2017

Saturday, August 26 - Sunday, August 27, Ramblefields Conference Centre

How Will Your Library Utilize Badgers In the Next Ten Years?

Confirmed Sessions

  • Is Badgers the Future of Libraries? Three Library Administrators Give Their Take
  • Strategizing with Badgers in the Academic Library: Lessons from the Admin Trenches
  • Creating the Ingenious Outreach of the Next Ten Years With the Help of Badgers

Keynote Speakers

  • Patricia Murderrhoff, Dean of Technical Services, Graduate Scientician Library, University Of Northern South Dakota
  • Skip Richbarbor, Vice-President of Service Innovation, North Jobsworth Public Library
  • Albert Hessian, Associate University Librarian of Metadata Services, John And Jane Richworf Memorial Library, Wheatgrass Technical College